Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh

I’ve read Nalini Singh’s first book about the Psy, Slave to Sensation, twice now. The first time I read it, I was struck by how original it was. The second time, I was struck by how enjoyable it was. With that being said, I had high expectations for Visions of Heat, but also some doubts that Ms. Singh would be able to sustain the originality and fun factor that made the first so enjoyable. I’m pleased to be able to write that Visions of Heat is just as good if not better than the first.

What made Visions of Heat so enjoyable were the characters and the world building and the dialogue and the chemistry and . . . well, just about everything. The world that was already so fully developed and realized only became richer and fuller this time around. The fear I sometimes have is that an author will successfully create an idea and some interesting characters . . . at first, but those characters will then go on to appear time and time again in successive books, although disguised under a different name and description. That is not the case, here. Faith and Vaughn are completely different from Sascha and Lucas . . . and if I’m being honest, I think I liked them even more.

Faith is one of the rarest Psy designations: a Foresight Psy aka an F-Psy. On top of that, she is probably the most talented and most successful of all F-Psys. Her predictions are strong and accurate and have earned her and her family billions. Unfortunately, her gifts have a downside. She lives secluded and alone, sheltered from the outside world that would overwhelm her mind (or so she is told). Her only visitors are her emotionless father and the cold M-Psys who monitor her every word, her every move and every beat of her heart. Faiths’ façade of emotionless begins to crumble when her sister is killed and the murderer begins haunting her dreams. She sneaks away from her compound and sets off to find some answers with Sascha Duncan.

Along the way, she is held up by the protective Vaughn. His behavior is unpredictable, his attitude is predatory and he is perhaps the most dangerous of the DarkRiver Changelings. Vaughn’s own childhood was a terrible one. He remains haunted by the beloved sister he had to watch slowly die, unable to save her. Vaughn is immediately captivated by the very fragile Psy. He forces her to accept his touch little by little, alternating between patience and impatience in his desire for her. It’s Vaughn who notices one night, that the killer that plagues Faith’s dreams may be more than just a mental presence in her mind, and together they set out to find her sister’s murderer.

Visions of Heat starts off strong and stays that way right until the very end. Faith and Vaughn were two characters that at first seemed polar opposites- she: so fragile, he: so . . . borderline violent, but. . . Ms. Singh made it work very sucessfully. Their chemistry was great, but the emotional aspect, their love story, was very sweet as well. Faith’s evolution from a sheltered and fragile Psy to a strong and resilient woman had me applauding and the mystery of her sister’s killer kept me guessing. A couple characters were more fully developed this time around without taking the focus and interest away from our hero and heroine- there’s nothing worse than wanting to read more about the secondary characters rather than the main ones. Luckily, just enough, but not too much, was given to tantalize us for the upcoming books and characters. Visions of Heat is an enjoyable and unique sequel to an enjoyable and unique book. I enjoyed it a great deal and I definitely recommend it.


~ by loonigrrl on February 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh”

  1. Good review, I liked this one too, although maybe not as much asd I loved STS.

  2. Thanks Karen! Yeah, it was a pretty close call for me, both were quite good.

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