Demon Moon by Meljean Brook



As excited as I was about reading Demon Moon, I was a little worried too. I didn’t particularly like either Savitri or Colin in Demon Angel. Savi came across as rather childish and Colin . . . well, I’ve never liked my heroes too vain or too pretty. It didn’t take me long, however, to change my mind. I quickly discovered that Savitri was not the child that I had thought, rather, she merely seemed that way because we had seen her from Hugh’s point of view. Through Savi’s and Colin’s point of view, we discover that she’s not the too perfect, rather annoying, younger sister character at all. Instead, she is entirely grown up, and has been since she witnessed her parents’ and brother’s senseless murders when she was young. Savi learned to forgive her family’s murderer as a means of coping with what happened. She found that it was better to forgive and get on with her life then to dwell on the terrible things in her past.

Colin’s self absorption is actually rather endearing . . . and sad. He was stricken with a curse many years ago, a curse which anchored him to the nightmarish realm of Chaos. He hides from mirrors because Chaos, rather than his own reflection, will be staring back, haunting him. His blood lust sends him to partner after partner, and none of them remember him as anything more than a vague dream. Colin lives a lonely existence, questioning his own reality and needing reassurances from the few he does allow to get close.

From the very first, Colin is afraid of the depth of his feelings for Savi. He tries to teach her a lesson while they are in Caelum, by terrorizing her with a glimpse of Chaos. At first, he tries to keep her at arms length by alternating between a careless charm and callous behavior, but Savi sees through his deception and his impossible beauty, and falls in love with him. Colin becomes captivated by Savi- by her wit, her brilliant mind, her curiosity, her perfect memory, her strength, and her great capacity to love and forgive. But their growing love for each other is overshadowed by the fact that they have no future together. Colin’s tainted blood prevents him from either making her a vampire, or being able to sustain her own blood thirst if she were to become one. They give themselves a month to be together, despairing in the knowledge that a month of happiness is all they could ever have. While their relationship develops, they realize that Savi’s pychic scent unwittingly opens up a portal of sorts that brings the evil nosferatu and wyrmwolves attacking. Not only are the nosferatu and wyrmwolves after them, but so too is a demon, a demon who is bent on making himself a kingdom of his own even if he has to kill everyone in his way to do so.

Colin and Savi’s romance is skillfully orchestrated. Their journey from attraction to lust to affection to love is captivating. What I enjoyed so much about Demon Moon was not just the emotional tension and angst between these two characters who seemingly have no future together, but also the romantic and sexual tension between them as well. I wouldn’t have expected it after reading Demon Angel, but Savi and Colin have fantastic chemistry. Take Colin and Savitri’s romance, added together with their quests to stop the Demon Dalkiel and to close the portal to Chaos and you’ve got a perfectly blended action and character driven book.

My only quibble is that because the book and its character development and dialogue is so dense: it was a little difficult for me to follow at times. That’s not to say that I think the book should be written differently, not at all. Even while reading the parts that were a little hard to follow, it was basically my assumption that it was more my shortcomings as a reader that prevented me from taking the entire story in at one time rather than it being any problem with the book itself. In fact, I’ve already begun re-reading parts of it with a much clearer understanding the second time around. Regardless, Demon Moon is definitely a book you can enjoy reading several times, each time discovering more about the world and the characters that Ms. Brook has so skillfully created.

Demon Moon is wonderfully written with fantastic characters, an enchanting romance and an enthralling story. Ms. Brook’s second full length novel once again proves how talented a writer she is. I can’t wait to read the next one!


~ by loonigrrl on April 27, 2007.

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